Axis aching pain, nodosity or postural disorder – all of these can be the symptoms of arthropathy which are on the first place among the axis pathologies, and they affect the life quality.

Osteoporosis is a grave disease where the skeleton bones become breakable, have a decay of calcium content and are liable to fractures even with light physical activity. Osteoporosis often develops without any evident symptoms, and there is a risk of learning about the disease only in the case if you suffer a fracture.

To the risk group belong people who have family members with such kind of problems, overweight or fatty, sedentary or low active people. Disease causing are also birth defects, surgery history, sites of infection (urogenital or nasopharyngeal) and age-related changes.

For people who want to test their abarthrosis condition we developed a laboratory set of studies. They help find out osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylarthritis and osteoarthritis, and assume systemic connective-tissue diseases.

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