Diseases of the endocrine system

The endocrine system influences the physical parameters of humans, their psychoemotional state and physiological processes. Diseases could be the result of the imbalance in the work of the endocrine system. Thyroid bodydisorders are the most widespread.

Thyroid body secrets hormones, which control metabolic processes, influence cardiovascular system work. Due to their excess or hunger, the work of almost all viscera suffers. Some symptoms of such underlying diseases often concern as fatigue, stress or supernutritionwhereas the disease worsens. If you detect muscle fatigue, sudden weigh change, fever, frequent urination or lasting thirst perception these are the reasons to see a doctor.

We have created a special prophylactic laboratory complex which helps to test thyroid level to reflect thyroid function and relevant to the progress of hypothyroid, thyrotoxicosis and osteoporosis

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